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The new way of daipering

The Netherlands produces 140,000,000 kilos of diaperwaste every year! For every child, that's about 260 kilos a year. Why do people stilll choose those expensive disposable diapers?
Simple, they are easy( despite the costs) and we don´t like the "dirty hassle" using washable diapers. (despite being better for child and environment)
That's why we came up with Nappinno.

washable without washing


All Inclusive service

Based on strict rules, we work, clean and give you the assurance that you are dealing with a professional and sustainable textile cleaner, which guarantees quality. Twice a week, the used nappies are picked up at your door and delivered clean ones. This way you are always assured of enough diapers. The complete diaper package is tailor-made and therefore "grows" with you. In addition to sustainable working methods, various energy and environmental saving measures have been taken. Our waste stream is minimized and environmentally friendly cleaning products are used

environmentally friendly

The environment is often one of the former arguments and not for nothing. Disposable nappies provide 1 ton of waste per child, washable nappies hardly cause waste. Partly because of this, washable nappies (both production and washing) emit 1.5 to 2.5 times less CO2 than disposable nappies. In addition, washable nappies require 7 times less land to produce the raw materials than for disposable diapers. In addition, for disposable nappies per child, 6 trees are cleared and 67 litres of crude oil are processed into plastic.

Happy baby, happy parents

Children who wear washable diapers are much less likely to have diaper rashes. This is firstly because disposable nappies consist of 15% to 30% plastic and use a super absorber. Washable nappies are made from well-absorbing materials such as bamboo, cotton or microfibre, but end up feeling wet. A baby with a washable nappy on is more likely to have wet buttocks but this generally has no effect on the buttocks. Because washable nappies do not extract moisture from the skin, the skin often stays better balanced, even if it is wet for longer. This is one of the reasons why children can be potty-up to a year earlier.


Does zero waste mean you can no longer produce waste at all? No, absolutely not. It is almost impossible not to produce waste In fact, that is virtually impossible. It's about trying to get as close to zero as possible without wringing yourself into all sorts of weird turns. But we are convinced that washable nappies are always better than increasing the mountain of disposable diapers. So don't be too yourself and if it doesn't work out like this, it's okay to bring a disposable diaper during a family outing.

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